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Easy2Sync for Files 8.0

It helps you synchronize files and folders in various locations
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Keeping similar data in different locations is a common situation. Such is the case when you are using two different computers, or when a project is being developed by a team. Easy2Sync for Files will help you synchronize files and folders in various locations. This program works by comparing the files in a given folder with those in a mirror folder. In this respect, the source and target folders can be in any reachable location, such as a PC, a hard drive, a network location or an external drive.

Although the task may be a little difficult due to the many options, Easy2Sync for Files makes it easier for you with wizards to help you carry out most of the configuration steps. In addition, the program also offers a tutorial mode to let you grasp what it is about by creating a simple test task. The interface is rather appealing and friendly. The main elements are the synchronization tasks, which can easily be created, edited, deleted or run.

The transfer tasks can be created based on available templates, which you can also modify or create new ones. These tasks can be scheduled to be automatically executed in two available modes: automatic or manual. The first will work by a set of rules previously stated while the second will need you to make decisions whenever a problem is encountered. The program can also run from the system tray or as a system service. In case the target location is not available, you can tell the program to keep on trying to reach it at given intervals.

As a whole, if you need to perform frequent sync operations, Easy2Sync for Files may be exactly what you have been looking for. It has been developed with lots of different synchronization scenarios in mind and it will probably pose no difficulties to the average user. However, it could be a little expensive and perhaps you might like to try less costly alternatives.

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  • It is easy to use
  • It uses wizards
  • It includes several sync scenarios
  • It supports different types of locations


  • A little expensive
  • The trial version does not support synchronizing subfolders
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